Clean Wood, Vinyl or Glass

Find out about our soft washing services in Nampa & Boise, ID

Power washing is a great way to clean hard surfaces like brick or stone, but what about other, less-durable surfaces? Powerwashing Pros can also provide soft washing services for many surfaces on your property in the Nampa & Boise, ID area.

You can hire our house washing team to clean:

Wood, such as a fences or decks
Vinyl, like siding or garage doors
Glass, on windows and doors

We'll use a lower pressure spray than the one we'd use for power washing services to avoid causing damage. To get a free estimate on soft washing services, call us today.

Are there other differences between soft washing and power washing?

Yes. In addition to the difference in water pressure, we also use different cleaning solutions. When we soft wash your property, we'll use a safe and effective chemical that kills mold, mildew and fungus and prevents growth for up to 18 months. To protect your landscaping, we'll also use a neutralizer that keeps the chemicals from damaging plants. Contact a local professional now to find out more about our house washing services.